• Christmas Order Form

    Christmas is around to corner. Celebrate this special occasion with family and friends. Wish you friends and family by giving custom gift basket or chocolate box or by cutting yummy Christmas cake with family and friends at home. Please Note: Due to COVID 19 it will be contactless pick up. Egg-less & Halal available on Request. If you want any treat for your special day just send message on email : info@nidhastreat.ca or what’s app: 647-548-8428 Payment accepted by E-transfer only at info@nidhastreat.ca To book your spot please do payment before 20 December, 2021.
  • Rum Cake Christmas Rum Cake
    $ 15.00 CAD
    Chocolate Box
    $ 25.00 CAD
    Gift Basket No. 1 Includes 1 Rum cake or Fruit and Nut cake ( Please choose one) 2 cake jars Chocolate Cake with Vanilla cream Jar Chocolate Cake with chocolate cream Jar Please let us know if you need eggless or Halal
    $ 25.00 CAD
    Choose one Flavour Quantity
    Rum Cake
    Fruit and nut cake
    Gift Basket No. 2 Include 3 Dry Cakes options: 1. Rum Cake or Fruit and Nut. 2. Red Velvet 3. Vanilla 2 cake jars : 1. Chocolate Cake jar 2. Vanilla Cake jar
    $ 45.00 CAD
    Flavour Quantity
    Fruit and Nut
    Rum Cake
    Christmas Cake Edible image cake available for christmas.
    $ 50.00 CAD
    Flavour Quantity
    Red Velvet
    Carrot Cake
    Gift Basket No. 3 Includes 2 Dry Cakes 1. Fruit and Nut or Rum cake. (Please choose 1 flavour) 2. Vanilla 4 Cake jars: 2 Vanilla cake jar 2 Chocolate Cake jar 1 hot Chocolate Bomb Santa and other Christmas toys
    $ 65.00 CAD
    Flavour Quantity
    Fruit and Nut cake
    Rum Cake
    Custom Gift Basket Please contact us to discuss what you want to include. It includes gift basket no 3 and rests we can discuss. Its range will be $65-$100
    $ 100.00 CAD
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