Which Cake Size Should I Bake/Order for my Birthday?

You can get your delicious cakes in various shapes and sizes. The number of guests decides the size and shape of your cake. If you choose a square-shaped cake, then it yields more pieces than a round or heart-shaped cake. Like a square-shaped cake, the hexagonal or octagonal cakes can also be cut into many pieces.
If you are pretty unsure about the sizes of cakes, then do not panic. We are here to help you with all. Come on, let us start exploring everything related to the “Size of cakes.”

What is the Standard Size of a Cake?

The standard size of a cake depends on the shape and size of the pan. There are varieties of pans like a round cake pan, square pancake pan, rectangular baking dish, tube cake pan, a loaf pan, a pie plate, etc.
Pans like a Loaf Pan are used to make bread, a Pie Plate is used to make a delicious pie, and a Square Pancake Pan is used to make pancakes.
Let us have a look at the most common shapes and their standard size. Before we start, you should know the below conversions:

⦁ 1 inch = 2.54 cm

⦁ 1 cup = 240 mL

Now, let’s jump to the standard sizes of pans of different shapes

Round Cake Pans

Round Cake Pan

6×2 inches = 4 cups

8×2 inches = 6 cups

9×2 inches = 8 cups

Square Cake Pans

Square Cake Pan

8×2 inch square = 8 cups

9×2 inch square = 10 cups

10×2 inch square = 12 cups

Rectangular Cake Pans

Rectangular Cake Pans

11×7 inches = 10 cups

13×9 inches = 14 cups

Springform Cake Pans

9x 2.5 inches = 10 cups

10×2.5 inches = 12 cups

Bundt Cake Pans: (volume varies because of various designs)

10×3 inch = 10-12 cups

Tube Cake Pans

9×3 inches = 12 cups

Jelly Roll Cake Pans

1 inch tall

10×15 inches = 10 cups

12×17 inches = 12 cups

Loaf Cake Pans: (about 3 inches tall)

8×4 inch = 4 cups

9×5 inch = 8 cups

What Size Cake Do You Need for Your Birthday Party?

pan cake
What if sometimes there are guests left to serve the cake, but the whole cake is exhausted? Or, there is a large quantity of cake left and gets stale while it is kept in the fridge? We hope that you won’t feel good about either of the conditions. This is the reason why having an idea about the size of the cake matters.
If you are unaware of how to decide on a cake size for your birthday party, let us assist you.
The most crucial factor while deciding the size of a cake is the number of guests. Remember, while counting the number of guests, the final number should be 3-4 more than the actual number. This is so because you never know if someone asks for more or you have some uninvited guests at your doorstep.
So now, talking about the size of the cake that you need for a birthday party. The round cake and the Sheet cakes are the most commonly used and preferable ones for your party. This is because they are easy to cut into equal pieces.
For a Round cake, you can have your cake size between 5 inches to 12 inches. To get a better idea, you can understand that a 12 inches cake can serve up to 25 people. On the other hand, three 10 inches cakes can serve 50 guests at your birthday party. If your party is even bigger, you will require a minimum of 6 cakes of 10 inches each.
Coming to the Sheet cake, there was not much but a light change in the serving size. A sheet cake is made on a rectangular baking dish. There are three categories of a sheet cake: Quarter sheet cake, Half sheet cake, and Full sheet cake. Quarter sheet cakes are 9×13 inches in dimensions. It can serve up to 20 people. A half sheet cake is 11×15 inches in dimensions and can serve up to 40 people. Lastly, a Full sheet cake can serve about 80 guests, with measurements being 18×24 inches.

Cake Serving chart Guide

Below is the cake serving chart that will help you a lot in choosing the most appropriate cake. The round, square, heart, sheet, and diamond are the most common and preferable birthday cake shapes.
Hence, we have discussed the serving of these categories in the below table. We Hope our chart helps you.
Pan Shape Size Birthday Party Servings
Round 4 inches 8
6 inches 12
8 inches 20
9 inches 24
9" 28
10 inches 40
12 inches 63
16 inches 77
Square 6 inches 12
8 inches 20
10 inches 30
12 inches 48
14 inches 63
16 inches 80
Heart 6 inches 8
8 inches 18
9 inches 20
10 inches 24
12 inches 34
14 inches 48
16 inches 64
Sheet 7x11 inches 24
9x13 inches 36
11x15 inches 54
12x18 inches 72
Diamond 10.25x7.4 inches 12
15x11 inches 20
19.25x14.25 inches 42

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