Everything You Need To Know About Vegan & Keto Cake

Are you health conscious but can’t compromise with cakes? Don’t worry. We are here for you. We have the best idea for all the health-conscious people out there. You can try these cakes, and these cakes are the same in taste as any other normal cake. The first is a Vegan Cake, and the second is a Keto Cake.

Everything You should know about Keto Cake

The full form of Keto is Ketogenic. This is high in fat, somewhat high in protein, with low carbs. This is named so because, with this diet, the body burns fat for energy rather than using the body’s glucose. This process of burning fat for energy is known as Ketosis. So a keto cake is simply a cake on low carbs and high protein.
Keta cake is healthy, delicious, and definitely a good option for Health conscious people out there. This cake is easy to make and tastes as good as a regular cake. And if you are a cake lover then you don’t need to wait for cheat days. You can have this Kito Cake anytime you want without getting fat.

Now let’s talk about Vegan Cakes

Vegan Cakes can simply be termed as non-animal products cake. This is so because it does not even use one ingredient that we obtain from animals. Eggs, dairy milk, dairy butter, etc., are not used while making this cake.

What does a Vegan Cake mean?

Vegan Cake, in simple words, refers to a cake that is made up of healthy ingredients. The most common thing in almost all Vegan Cakes is the absence of eggs. Due to this, the amount of unhealthy food is a little decreased.
Vegan Cakes are a little denser than normal cakes. This is due to the fluffiness of normal cakes due to the presence of eggs. But, this doesn’t mean that Vegan Cakes can’t be fluffy in texture. You can make them fluffy with the help of various techniques like setting your oven to the required temperature fifteen minutes before you actually start cooking or not overbeating your flour.
You might be pretty unsure of the taste of the Vegan Cake. Then, let us clear your doubt. Vegan Cakes taste the same as all other normal cakes. The most famous Vegan Cake in Canada is the Vegan Ice Cream Drip Cake. Vegan Cake is eggless and contains no dairy milk or dairy butter. The most commonly used standard ingredients are replaced by plant- based substitutes like banana and flax seeds in place of eggs, non-trans fat margarine or oils in place of butter, and plant milk in place of dairy milk.

There are eight steps that a vegan cake maker can follow to make a delicious cake

⦁ Have a rough idea of all the ingredients required to make this cake:
This is so because after identifying the ingredients, you will be able to think about a better substitute for all non- vegan ingredients.

⦁ Search your kitchen and market for the available substitutes:
This is because you have to know how vegan ingredients could replace any non-vegan ingredients.

⦁ Replacing eggs:
There are several vegan ingredients that you can include to replace the eggs.

⦁ Replacing dairy milk:
You can replace dairy milk with hazelnut milk, coconut milk, or hemp. But, the preferable ones are soy and almond.

⦁ Replacing butter:
The most common substitute for butter is an equal amount of applesauce.

⦁ Substitute white sugar or refined brown sugar:
Applesauce itself is a little sweet, so it not only substitutes butter but also substitutes sugar. Other than this, you can use liquid sweeteners like maple syrup or barley malt.

⦁ Replacing refined white flour:
To replace the refined white flour, you can use grounded whole rolled oats to create oat flour.

⦁ Make the frosting:
Replacing butter with blended tofu and cooking oil or margarine is the best way.

Are Vegan & Keto Cakes Good For Health?

As far as we talk about keto cake, We know it is a healthy cake by the name itself. And Keto cake is basically made for health-conscious people. But when we talk about the health benefits of vegan cakes there is a question mark. Honestly speaking, the healthy or unhealthy effects of a Vegan Cake lies in its recipe. The reason why this cake is named so is that no animal products are used while making this cake. If your Vegan Cake is made up of white sugar, a lot of oil, fats, refined flours, or any non-vegan ingredients, then yes, the Vegan Cake is not at all healthy.

But, if you have used all the vegan ingredients while making the cake, like, applesauce, soy milk, maple syrup, etc., then we are happy to tell you that your Vegan Cake is healthy enough.

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